Our efforts to build a more sustainable world are part of a much larger human evolutionary trajectory. In approximately 2004, after attending another amazing Bioneers Conference, I had the personal epiphany that even if those of us alive today did all of the right things, they could all be undone by the next generation. Therefore, the best way to ensure the future of humanity and life on the planet is to work for the evolution of human consciousness. I realized that there is a direct correlation between one’s level of consciousness, and ones ability to make life-enhancing decisions.



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“Evolution of consciousness.” As is the way with these things, I came to see that many people had been focused on this very topic for a long time before it ever crossed my mind. In the years since, I have had the privilege of being exposed to many of their thoughts and philosophies.

Still, I wanted something more…explicit. Something both transcendental and tactile. Something connected above, and tangible below. So I wrote the paper, Sustainability and Spirituality: Common Threads. It is available for PDF download via the link below:

PDF: Sustainability and Spirituality _ Common Threads oct 2012

This document explores the seven “common threads” I have picked out as integral to both spiritual and sustainable pursuits. In it I address what I mean when I say “sustainability” and “spirituality.” Below is a list of the seven threads that the paper explores in greater depth.

  1. Preservation of life
  2. Awakening
  3. Compulsive consumption as a disorder
  4. Oneness: we are all connected
  5. Change starts within
  6. In awe
  7. Purity

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