Project Description

Sustainability and Spirituality: Common Threads and Common Threats

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Using William Paden’s categories of world religions in Interpreting the Sacred, I designed a Systems Thinking approach to mapping “common threads and common threats” between spiritual/religious traditions and sustainability. These include Oneness (or unity or interconnection), Simplicity or Living Simply as a life ethic, Purity, and Care and Heart. The point is to demonstrate that sustainability (divided into activism, ecological science, and sustainable business) has all along incorporated these and other core spiritual/religious principles into itself in both covert and overt ways.

My underlying thesis is that sustainability is impossible unless and until we overtly take a spiritual stance. I make this case by showing that humanity’s strongest moral frameworks appear within a religious context, and draw on Karen Armstrong’s argument in Fields of Blood that blaming religion for world violence is a lazy and uncritical view.

Expected completion of this work is March 2017, and a publisher is currently being sought. Contact me for more information.