Through first-hand experience of the immeasurable, I have learned that everything is possible.

Systems Thinking Online Course on Gaia Education – Begins June 17th 2023

Beginning with the in-earnest question, “What is wrong with us?” as a high school student, I decided to study psychology to help me understand how it is that humanity could be destroying the life support systems of Earth. A B.A. in psychology from Dominican University (1999) did not enlighten me on this point. Through the Green MBA program (New College, 2007) I learned of the phenomenal and inspiring power of business to be the drivers of fast, positive change. But it wasn’t until studying the history of spiritual and religious traditions (PhD in Mythological Studies, Pacifica Graduate Institute, March 2017) that I developed deep understanding of the human condition. This education coupled with my personal spiritual path has led to various projects chronicled on this page, as well as a number of projects involving design. (Access the video of my dissertation oral defense here.)





Founder, Director, Systems Thinking Marin

Founded and led a five-year nonprofit project under a fiscal sponsor to promote “systems thinking” in Marin County. Created a systems thinking mini-course for people new to the toolbox, and wrote extensively researched blogs. Co-developed the Women in Systems Thinking speaker series. Supported two local community organizations in a low-income neighborhood. As president of the United Nations Association – Marin County chapter, promoted a systems thinking approach to local adoption and adaptation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals of 2030. Extensively documented insights and suggestions for positive change in Dear Marin.

Chief of Staff, Buckminster Fuller Institute

As a part-time employee at BFI served as the internal project manager for a complete website migration from Drupal to WordPress in partnership with Automattic. Migration also entailed a CRM move, a store platform move, setting up on-demand courses on Sensei, and fulfillment center changes.

Past Non-Profit Employment

Past employment as Associate Director at Search for the Cause (now Teens Turning Green), and Executive Assistant and Staff Representative to the Board at the California League of Conservation Voters (now California Environmental Voters).


Computer Recycling Program

Led an audit of e-waste disposal practices for a global software company (North American facilities). Worked with facilities departments across 40+ locations, and carried out in-depth research into best practices. Supplied client with extensive documentation of current versus ideal scenarios, and worked with procurement to interview potential e-waste (computer asset disposition) providers that met criteria for sustainable and ethical practices.

Paper Use Reduction Program

Collected paper use data across marketing, policy/claims, and administrative departments for a nationwide insurance company. Compiled diverse data from 34 vendors into estimates of amounts of water, energy, trees used, and solid waste generated to supply the company with one year’s worth of paper (totaling over 5.3 million pounds). Contributed to systems changes and internal education campaigns.

San Francisco Green Business Certification

Led efforts to establish certification for clients, including working with building management to audit and improve waste processing, water and power use, as well as office practices.



I attended Pacifica Graduate Institute’s PhD in Mythological Studies program from 2013 to 2017 when I completed my dissertation. This degree program is essentially an education in the classics and philosophy. Pacifica Graduate Institute is largely a Jungian and Archetypal Psychology school, while also housing the Joseph Campbell Archives at Opus.


The “GreenMBA” was an innovative approach to the traditional MBA curriculum, originally housed at New College of California.



Here I am meditating, but if you can’t hear my voice, then maybe email is best. ūüôā

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